Testing/screening on arrival

The Government of Tanzania is implementing temperature scanning for all international passengers arriving in Tanzania. If you show symptoms of COVID-19 on arrival, you may be required to take a test.

Quarantine requirements

If you are tested for COVID-19 on arrival, you may be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

You should comply with any additional screening measures put in place by the authorities.

Data collection

The Government of Tanzania is collecting tracking information for all international passengers arriving in Tanzania.
This applies to visitors from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Japan, and potentially India.
The new laws came into effect on Tuesday and require travelers from countries with new Covid-19 variants, like South Africa, to endure a 14-day quarantine.
The new travel advisory requires that face masks be worn at airports and all travelers – whether foreigners or returning residents – present a negative PCR test certificate upon arrival in Tanzania. The wearing of masks in public spaces, however, is not mandatory.

Travelers arriving from countries with a “high number of Covid-19 cases” will also be re required to undergo a rapid antigen test. The cost of this test – $25 (R360) – will need to be covered by the traveler. All visitors will still need to submit a Traveller’s Surveillance Form.

Rules are harsher for those who have traveled from or through countries that have recorded new Covid-19 variants. These travelers will be subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine period at their own cost. The government of Tanzania says its list of high-risk countries is informed by the WHO, which currently lists the following Variants of Concern (VOC) in:

South Africa (501Y.V2/B.1.351)
United Kingdom (B.1.1.7)
Brazil (B., alias P.1)
Japan (B. alias P.1)

Zanzibar Govt doesn’t need COVID Test Certificate when entering or leaving the islands or country Tanzania. Zanzibar COVID Test Centre only caters as per the requirements of the Airlines or Citizens of Countries who have regulations on visiting Zanzibar. Please clarify this point with all the Stakeholders and rad the letters and Certificates clearly as there are a lot of rumors that you cannot enter or leave Zanzibar without Corona or COVID Test Certificate. This is not true. Please clear it with all your stakeholders.

Please press the Links below to Download the official documents provided by the Government



Good News!!

Minister of Tourism of Zanzibar just announced that already for 10 consecutive days Zanzibar has Declared Zero COVID-19 Cases.

Also Zanzibar has opened its tourism activities to normal, both for charter flights and scheduled flights. All tourist hotels, restaurants and bars in Zanzibar are open,’ says Mahmoud Thabit Kombo, Zanzibar’s minister of information, tourism and heritage has said.

New arrivals won’t be subject to the 14-day quarantine period that some countries, like the UK, are enforcing. But they must hold valid health insurance and adhere to the country’s social distancing guidelines. All travellers will be screened on arrival and those that display symptoms will be transferred to an ‘isolation centre’.

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