We are Zanzibar Destination

Zanzibar Destination is a local company focused on providing services of all Zanzibar excursions like Nakupenda Day Trip, Safari Blue, Dolphin Tour, Mnemba trip & Swim with Turtles, Safari trip (from Zanzibar to Selous game reserve) Also, Zanzibar Destination offers Transfer Services to different places around the Island. Our services are of the highest standard from guides, Driver, and Boatmen. Zanzibar Destination also offers many jobs for youth and local people in general, Zanzibar Destination leader is called Benedict A.Mosha popular known as Benitto. 
Benitto believed that techology could create huge jobs for youth in the tourism industry. Benitto is also a young Tanzanian who believes techology would come early Africa would have no poor families and hunger.
Through the techology (Social Network) Benitto has managed to get a link with the visitors who want to visit zanzibar islands and make them work for the highest quality in collaboration with his team of drivers, Guides and Boatmen.

Zanzibar Destination Team is Divided into Three Categories


ZANZIBAR DESTINATION DRIVERS – This team is headed by Aldul, Ally, Muhamed & Mala 

ZANZIBAR DESTINATION GUIDES – This team is headed by Martin, Mbonde, Darwish & Marco

ZANZIBAR DESTINATION BOATMEN – This team is headed by Jomba, Mapilau, Simba, Rapha, White & Said The whole team is under Benitto & Brenda.